Thursday, 26 December 2013

OOTD // 26.12.13

Yup! You heard it! I'm afraid I have started YouTube again and actually plan on sticking with it this time! Having been given a beautiful iPad Mini for Christmas, with Retina display, it hasn't left my sight. So with lots of apps downloading, food babies and Gossip a Girl, I have spent my time off work recording videos. I really hope you all like it and don't think I'm a complete doofus!

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I have spent the day playing with Biffy the Bunny and playing with my Christmas presents! I can't quite believe Christmas is over again, all this rushing of buying gifts, wrapping and then it's done for another year! Anyway I'm rambling, Happy Christmas everyone and I hope you all got some super sale deals today.


  1. I love how you've layered the crop top over your dress, lovely outfit :)

    1. I completely agree. I think the crop top would look better with Nike sweats and the Nike air force 1's.

  2. Glad you're starting a youtube channel. Although, I would like you to know that the video is not working. Please fix it soon. Good luck!