Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist: MISSGUIDED

I have decided to start off my Christmas wish list posts with an absolute winner. Who doesn't love Miss Guided huh? If there is one thing I have asked for this year, it is some cash to throw at absolute beauties like the above. My favourite staple at the moment are the swing dresses. I have been a lover of the skater dress for some time now, however I have never found one that sits just right. Swing dresses seem to just sit perfectly and the range of colours Miss Guided have online makes it very difficult to choose a favourite. I think the whole outfit on the right screams perfection.
I have also always been a lover of the floral trend. I adore how they are keeping florals in season but making them dark and mysterious. What's on your Miss Guided wish list?


  1. I love Missguided too but I'm restraining myself from looking at the site at the moment or else I'll end up buying everything. Aha! But their new limited collection is really cool and I kinda want everything on it. x

  2. That playsuit is so gorgeous! xo

  3. That playsuit is so gorgeous!I am in love with,i love misguided too,there dresses are insanely gorgeous!I have always been a lover of the floral trend,the floral trend is never out of fashion!