Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Daisy Train

Shirt - Primark
Shorts - Ark
Boots - New Look
Bag - H&M
Choo Choo - all aboard the Daisy Train! And that's exactly what I did. Oh how I do love you little shirt. I was delighted to see this poking out of the rails, just like a kid waiting for the choo choo train to come into the station. I love the sleeves, the print and the price - only £10. This shirt is cropped but is longer than most cropped tops, meaning it will fit into those high waisted shorts and not show your belly button to the world.
I was gutted to see that Ark had closed in Norwich AND Cambridge. Being the closest cities to me, I would always save my pennies for a splurge in store but will have to result online....uh-oh! The range of Levi shorts they do is insane. I am forever sticking with Ark for Levi cut offs.
The whole world would've seen that New Look are selling these beauties by now and although I have had these a while, they hurt my long lanky toes so I haven't yet taken them outside. They are sold out online, however my local store have plenty.


  1. I love your shirt - the daisy print is so cute. Primark is seriously good at the moment! xx

  2. love that shirt! I neeeed! There is no primark where i live and its awful! x

  3. great outfit and i love these boots, they're so similar to the Topshop pair! x

  4. I love anything daisy print so I am loving that shirt!