Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Roaccutane Journey - Week 1.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have read that I started taking Roaccutane to treat my Acne. Over the past 10 years, I have tried every antibiotic, cream, skincare routine out there and nothing has worked. Finally, the dermatologist allowed me to go on Roaccutane, something I have been waiting for all these years. Others have found it to be the first thing that was offered to them however, for me it was a long process. I was so relieved but dreading the months ahead.

Now I know this is a little strange discussing such a thing however I have found many blog posts and videos extremely helpful in allowing me to understand the treatment and to hear other peoples experiences.

Week 1
The first few days of taking Roaccutane were fine. I had no side effects and was really excited to get this process started. After the 5th or 6th day, my skin became very dry. Now for me, this was great as I suffered with such oily skin it was uncontrollable. I was very happy.

My lips then started to feel dry. A few hours later, they immediately started cracking and on the 7th day, the sides of my mouth cracked so bad that they kept bleeding. No amount of Burt's Bee's or Carmex were doing the trick. Mental note - keep lip moisturiser (not balm) everywhere. Car, Work, Home, Bedside Cabinet, Bag.

I have experienced mood swings. Now who knows whether this is an effect of the drug or not but I wanted to share this as I think it may help others. I have friends who have been on a roaccutane journey and stopped taking the medication because of the mood swings. I am yet to decide whether this will affect me too much.


  1. I took (badly administered) roaccutane for a while, and whilst the effects on my skin were great, I suffered really badly with nausea and also regular nose bleeds, which was kind of a problem. Hope you get on well with it, so great when you suddenly realise how clear your skin has become.

  2. I've literally just started taking it this week as're just a few days ahead of me! I really hope the mood swings aren't too bad for you, and hopefully you'll be able to stick out the full course :( good luck with it! x

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