Sunday, 11 August 2013

One Day Sunday

Hello! I am here, I am alive and I am finally feeling ready to blog again. Isn't it weird how you just want to shut off from the online world sometimes? I have been spending my time eating porridge (evidence is in the back of the photo), taking instagram photo's (@kwigg) and generally taking some time out. I completely lost my blogging mojo. Mainly because I completely lost my confidence and could not face standing in front of a camera. The mind can be such a cruel thing sometimes. But anyway, I am back and hoping to mix things up a little more on SMUGPUG from now on.
Obviously, my main inspiration is fashion and I have become inspired by so many new fashion blogs out there and some girls seriously have some desirable taste. However, the pressure I put on myself to provide outfit photo's all the time was draining and it got to a point where I really didn't enjoy it anymore. I will be incorporating more beauty, lifestyle and some other extra's over the next few weeks - I really hope you enjoy it and will appreciate any feedback.
One thing I really enjoy is the support from other bloggers. So, I would like to know everyone's tips and tricks on how to feel confident? How do you take your own outfit posts? How do you get the lighting just right? Anyway, thank you for bearing with me, I have missed you all!


  1. So glad you're back ^-^ looking gorgeous as ever! I know what you mean about outfit posts, I've gone through the same kind of feelings. I'm trying to get into the habit of posting what I want to post instead of what I think people want my blog to be like! At the end of the day our blogs are ours so the content should be what we want it to be :)

    1. Thanks Robyn - that's a great way to look at it! I think my main problem was that I wasn't happy with myself and that was showing in my blog! Its hard to stop focusing on it being and looking perfect! xxxxxxxxx

  2. So happy to see you blogging again lovely lady!

    I tend to do as many posts in one day when I have a feel for it other wise I find my pictures can look a little forced and I look back at them knowing I could have made them better. I also decided last month to blog for myself and not for anyone else and I think this has massively improved my pictures!

    I would say we could do pictures together to make it more fun but I am now moving in the next 10 days!!

    Will really miss you.

    Sarah xxx