Monday, 12 August 2013

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and Powder.

When I turned 25 in June, I decided it was time for me to grow up a little and jump in to the world of higher end make up. I had already been converted to high end skincare (damn you Kate), but really wanted to ensure that my make up was doing something for my oily, imperfection ridden face. With the high amount of MAC recommendations through Twitter, I decided to give Mac Sudio Fix Fluid a go.

I am neither overwhelmed or disappointed with this product - along with the Studio Fix Powder. I know everything is trial and error so I am eager to hear what other foundations will be suitable for my skin type - Oily, Blemish Prone Skin.

Amazing Coverage - Even dark acne scars and cystic acne can be covered.
Packaging - Smart, simple and the option to buy a pump for £3.
Long Lasting - By this I mean a little goes a long way.

Shade - I was matched to a suitable shade however the foundation gives a slight glow and seems to become lighter when application has been made.
Dewy - It claims to be a matte finish and dissolves oil. I'm afraid for me, this made my skin even more oily and the makeup would literally run off my face after 3 hours of wear.
Cost - Expensive for not doing all that it claims.

I can say that I have been very impressed with the Studio Fix Powder. It is long lasting, matte and creates a smooth base giving your skin a flawless finish.


  1. I really like the Studio Fix fluid for nights out, I must try the powder with it sometime too :)

  2. I suffer from oily prone to blemishes type skin, so it's good to read a review about some MAC products that are for oily skin! I think I might add the Studio Fix Powder to my wishlist. :) xx

  3. Studio fix fluid is my favourite foundation, I have yet to try a foundation that has better coverage! I have oily skin and I don't have a problem with this x

  4. I just bought this at duty free! Didn't know you could get a pump, now got to find a local mac store! I might just have to buy the powder too now xo