Saturday, 16 February 2013

13 days

Coat: Oh My Love
Scarf: Charity Shop
Belt: Primark
Skirt: c/o Libby
Tshirt: Primark
Boots: Urban Outfitters

Oh hai! Welcome to the Countryside and its muddy scenery. I can't believe its been 13 days since I've posted. I will get better at this I promise. I has such a positive result to my Living with Acne post and I was so chuffed some of you found it helpful. 

Ew! I actually look at these pictures and think bleurgh, why are you even bothering putting them up Kristy why?! Well because I have had them sitting on my hard drive for a while and I had to mention this gorgeous belt and this not so impressive coat. Now I am not usually one to moan (only occasionally), but this coat disappointed me. After seeing it on the gorgeous Amy (seriously how hot is that girl), I had to buy it. I was very impressed to see that it was reduced to £15 from £59.99 and snapped it up right away. Much to my disgust, the coat arrived wrapped up in a tiny, and I mean tiny plastic bag, meaning it was creased to the max. Luckily, my boyfriend was able to steam it for me. The fit is also the oddest thing. It is supposed to be a boyfriend fit, but its nothing like my other boyfriend coat. It hangs, literally hangs off my shoulders and there is no shape to it at all. I definitely wouldn't have paid the full £59.99 for this.

On the up side, how gorgeous is this belt? £2 in Primark ladies, two whole pounds. Yesterday we went to Cambridge and I spent lots and lots of pounds. This results in me being wrapped up in bed at the moment with eggs on toast.


  1. That coat is a bargain!! Love that belt too xx

  2. Love your outfit! I live in the Countryside too! xx

  3. I love your scarf and belt - you look gorgeous xo

  4. these colours are just so dreamy!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

  5. Aw that's a shame about the coat - it's so disappointing when something you loved online isn't as nice when it arrives! I absolutely love your skirt, its such a beautiful colour and the belt is a total bargain! xx

  6. That's so disappointing about the coat :( my friend bought it in purple and found the same problem. I guess it's okay for £15 but defo not for £60!!
    I've only ordered things from them through work and I thought they just squashed everything in one bag cuz we tend to buy loads in one order and we work for them. I didn't realise they did that for all their customers too :( I love good packaging xx

  7. Ah no that's such a shame about the coat! Mine seems to fit me quite well but I think that's cos I'm such a short arse, haha. Mine was crushed too but I thought it was a one off because the last time I ordered it wasn't like that, but it must just be all of them now which is a bit shit. Anyway, you look amazing regardless :-) xx

  8. Ahh that's such a shame about the coat! You look amazing! And that belt is so lovely! :) x Laura

  9. I'm in love with every single outfit you post, your style is amazing! I'm following <3