Sunday, 28 October 2012

Skulls and Pleather

Lilac T-shirt: Primark (Mens section)
Skull Studs: eBay
Belt: Primark
Pleather Skirt: internacionale
Boots: Charity Shop
Some time ago now I purchased these skull studs and was finding an item of clothing that I wanted to stud. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to buy something lilac as there is nothing in my wardrobe that colour. I ventured into Primark and saw this £2.50 tee in the mens section. Perfect i thought, if it goes wrong, i'm making holes in a cheap item of clothing! You can buy these studs from the ebay seller linked above and choose the quantity you need. I am planning on doing a "DIY" post on this soon so keep a look out!
I also spotted this pleather skirt in Internacionale last weekend. I have been looking for one for ages now and this one fits perfectly. It has a lot of "freedom" though, so if you're thinking of wearing it on a windy day - either don't or embrace it! This skirt currently has 20% off and you can find it on their website on the link above. Internacionale is one of my favourite stores. I always make sure I pay them a visit as they have quality clothing and styles similar to Topshop but half the price.
I'm getting my hair cut today - first time in 11 months....goodbye long scraggly locks :(


  1. Your hair looks such a gorgeous colour in that last photo! I'm off to have a browse on Internacionale's website now, see you in 4 hours x

  2. You look gorgeous, the leather skirt looks amazing on you(:

  3. Skirt is a beaut! Now following via gfc :) <3

  4. Love this outfit, we've got that skirt in my store, it's lovely quality isn't it?! xx

    Tor @That's Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. Lovely outfit, really simple, but it looks awesome :) Love the skirt xx

  6. I love this look! I'm after one of these Skater Skirts, I was a little unsure if I should go there or not, but I think you've convinced me as you look amazing in it!
    Sarah xx

  7. Love this outfit, you're so pretty! New follower here!


  8. i love this outfit, just followed you:D check out my blog ~

  9. Love this look- especially the gorgeous pleather skirt! =D