Saturday, 20 October 2012

It's hurting me but I feel fine

Shift Dress: H&M
Bag: Charity Shop
Boots: Charity Shop
I got this dress from H&M when they had kindly given me a "£5 off your next buy over £10" voucher. I'm pretty sure this is my favourite item at the moment. It was £14.99 so with the voucher, only £9.99 and thats another excuse to love it. My boyfriend was kindly hanging out the washng the other day and said "i think somebody likes wine too much". Heres me thinking the drink, he meant my clothes....oh dear! I just can't resist this colour at this time of year. The collar to this dress is leather and I love the contrast it gives to the sheer fabric of the dress itself. I'm also wearing my peace and cross friendship bracelets from Kukee but stupid me forgot to get a close up. The boots were £2 from a charity shop - they're a right state but thats why I bagged them!
Oh and you'll see that I dyed my hair all one colour again! Or you may not see, as no-one has noticed but goodbye ombre! You have damaged my hair but I enjoyed you while you lasted.
p.s. I am back and better than ever. That's all you need to know.


  1. Aww, this is such a gorgeous dress!! It's cute yet so simple. I will be popping into the town center this afternoon, might check H&M to see if I can find it. xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  2. Aww this dress is so nice! Love the bag as well! And the boots too, to be honest! I'm a sucker for a worn in pair of boots!

  3. Your hair looks beautiful!
    And love this dress, I keep seeing lovely things from H&M lately, I really need to nip in.

    Look forward to seeing you back and better :) xxx

  4. lovely blog and post
    such a pretty dress! i love that colour two

  5. You look lovely, I adore those boots. So good for £2!

    Also if the title of this post is from the story so far - placeholder, then good choice of music ;)


  6. Lovely dress, such a great colour on you!

  7. You look lovely! I am in looove with that dress! xxx

  8. your hair looks lovely! Wish I'd spotted that dress in H&M today :( x

  9. This is such a lovely outfit, I'm in love with your dress and bag!

    Julia x

  10. Fab charity shop finds, the bag is stunning :)
    You look lovely, fab photos xo

  11. That dress is gorgeous (definitely talking as another burgundy fanatic... my wardrobe is getting ridiculous!) you look lovely!
    Kaz x

  12. So freakin beautiful woman, I need this dress.. we can be H&M twinnnies again! xx

  13. This is beautiful, I love the clutch xo

  14. I love how the collar is leather, such a great quality. I've been contemplating whether or not to put colour into my hair again but I thought I'd give it a little TLC and spare the damage haha.

  15. This is fab babe, especially with the voucher :D x