Monday, 29 October 2012

Coffe and Cats

I finally have a week off work - can you tell? Lots of blog posts coming your way! As much as I love working hard and having new goals to reach every day, I dream of weeks off where you can consume nothing but coffee and cats. Not actually consuming cats as in eating them, but spending time with this little beauty who we have named he has no tail. He pays us a visit once in a while and is a very good boy.

Having a week off also means catching up on me time. Sometimes there is never enough time to stop and just think. The other night I literally stared into space and thought about everything in minor detail, then I realised I mustve looked creepy so I stopped. But still, some me and thinking time is good for the soul right? I spend far too much time worrying and asking myself questions which is never healthy. Please oh please can there be others like me that worry constantly?! In the good words of the gorgeous Tyson Ritter - "I worry, I wonder all the time why worry, it's killing me, forget about it".

On a final rambling note - what camera's do you all use? I currently have a Nikon d60 and even though it captures great shots - I feel like i'm not using it to its full potential. I'd really like to downgrade and make some money off of mine. I'm looking for one that still takes great pictures but does not cost a bomb with lots of fiddly techinal stuff involved which trust you me, I just dont understand.


  1. A bit of time with coffee, cats, and your thoughts is an absolute necessity, now and then! Tails is gorgeous, by the way. xoxo

  2. Amazing post dear, I love cofee!
    Gorgeous blog! Following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  3. Looks like the best way to spend a week off! Enjoy :)