Saturday, 8 September 2012


Midi Dress: New Look
Top: Topshop
Bag: Charity Shop
Shoes: Primark
Rings and Hand Chain: Kukee
Is it Summer or Autumn? These chilly nights and mornings seem to be compensated by the extremely warm days we are having - hence todays title!
Ergh! Today was one of those days that when looking in your wardrobe, finding nothing, breaking into a sweat, "i have nothing to wear" kinda days. For some reason, I settled for my Midi Dress from New Look which is always easy to dress. However, for some other reason, I decided to place this Topshop tie vest over the I just feel frumpy!
Along with that, receiving a £70 car parking fine for my decision to leave my car as i'd like a few drinks did not go down too well! Plus, it was issued 10 minutes before I got to my car....dammit!
Apart from having a day of moaning, I got a chance to see my beautiful sister in her wedding dress again for her 2nd fitting. It's so gorgeous, I am so proud to be Maid of Honour, only 3 weeks today!
Don't forget to enter my giveaway which ends on Monday! I will announce the winner shortly after :)


  1. Loove this outfit, the colours go really nicely! :) xx

  2. You dont look frumpy at all, love the two paired together xx

  3. Love this outfit, the colour of your top is so pretty!

    Julia x

  4. Cute outfit! Love the top, and the colours together :) XO

  5. Haha I just did a post about the exact same thing, this constant weather changing's doing my nut in!! That's such a bummer about your fine :-( xx

  6. I love the title of this post hehe. The colours look lovely together :)

  7. You most definitely don't look frumpy! The top and dress go really well together :). Sumtumn is a perfect description of the weather at the moment, its causing me so much confusion... I think I've forgotten how to dress for summer because my brain has moved on to falling leaves and the nights drawing in now!
    Kaz x

  8. always like your nails. Creepy question, how do you do your hair? curlers or tongs? i have hair envy. xx