Sunday, 26 August 2012


Top: Charity Shop
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Charity Shop
Jewellery: kukee

Oh man what a week! Firstly, I went to Camden to visit friends, then I had my sisters hen which was AH-MAH-ZING! And finally, the boy went back home so i've been super busy catching up on things and driving about. 

I really hope you don't mind me blogging things which I bought from a charity shop. I know that too much of it can be annoying as you're not able to go and find the exact item yourself. Sometimes though, it's nice to share that fashion can be cheap and you've done your bit of donating to a good cause! 

I decided a while ago that I am useless with jewellery. Literally, nothing is good, its all green, bronze, you name it, gross! The only website I could dream of getting new items from was kukee. If you haven't heard of them before (but you probably have as they are also AH-MAH-ZING) then check them out. Not only are the pieces on trend, they are affordable. Jewellery these days can cost an absolute fortune if you're someone like me who goes off it rather quickly. Places like Topshop etc, such ridiculous prices! Whereas with Kukee, you really are getting such beautiful, well designed pieces for as a little as £1. I must also mention that my names were done by one of my best friends Emma. You can find more of her designs on Instagram @emcoull.

It's good to finally be back in the blogging world again after a wee break. Although, my outfit pictures turned out awful and I had to limit it to these 3! I am now going to make some beans, eggs and mushrooms on toast - starving!


  1. Charity shops are great for cute shirts! x

  2. I love seeing what people find in charity shops. I'm yet to find anything I love yet but it gives me hope to keep looking.

    Ria x

  3. so pretty little kristy!
    I love seeing charity shop outfits, even if it does make me sad that I can't buy the exact same. But you are looking lovely, i want this skirt!
    enjoy your foood :) x

  4. I really love your skirt, such a pretty outfit!


  5. Your skirt is lovely. Is still like hearing what people found in charity shops, it gives me the motivation to keep looking!xx

  6. love this look on you, and amazing tip about checking out Kukee ... their collections amazing. and SO affordable.

    Mel xxx

  7. I love the skirt! Cute nails :)

  8. Ah you look lovely! Love the skirt and blouse :) glad you had fun on your sisters hen do x

  9. love the skirt! pretty photos :)

  10. You look so cute! That skirt is adorable! xx

  11. cute skirt, love your posts x

  12. I love this outfit- I wish I could get that lucky in charity shops...
    Your jewellery is fab too, Kukee is just brilliant for cheap and very cheerful stuff. I had a bit of a ring spree on the website a while back and was amazed that I only spent a bit over a fiver! Currently eyeing up more things for my next little haul!
    Kaz x

  13. I just love this outfit, its so pretty. Your nails are amazing too :)

    Jo. x

  14. This is just so so pretty, I love the girly vintage feel to it :-) I hope your beans, eggs and mushrooms on toast was good - the though of has me almost drooling, so hungry! xxx