Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sprint Print

Playsuit: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Vintage Market
Shoes: Primark
Hoody: American Apparel

Ahhh Green tea, how good are you to me. Well actually the boy is the one making it for me whilst I sit here typing to all of you. Where has this hot weather gone? As you can probably tell, these photo's were taken last week when we were all licking icecreams and getting inappropriate tan lines. Apart from me of course, I was stuck behind a desk. I have a week off work soon and would love to arrange a bloggers meet for us girls in East Anglia. Who would be up for this? I'd love to meet some new bloggers in my area!

This playsuit is something the boy got me for my birthday. It was from Miss Selfridge and I am abslutely in love with the print. I'm afraid the rest of my outfit is pretty "samey". I am one of those girls that wear one pair of shoes and one bag until I get completely fed up of them.

Just a short one tonight ladies. I hope you've all been watching the athletes in their short shorts sprinting.


  1. That is such a pretty playsuit, I love pairing things like that with hoodies.


  2. lovee this outfit :)

  3. Gorgeous post and pictures :) love that you love green tea too hahaha <3 xo

  4. Love the playsuit, your boyfriend has good taste! Looks gorgeous with the hoodie too :) xx

  5. Eeeep, If you do a blog meet on a Sunday I would super super come!! Ha!
    Love your playsuit Kristy, colours are beaut, and I was just admiring how you make such a casual hoody look ace with a girly outfit. jealous x

  6. The boy has awesome taste picking a playsuit like that! Jealous... Mine usually just tries to put me in fred perry polo shirts when we go shopping(think he wants to turn me into a girl version of himself!)
    Glad someone else is like me wearing shoes/bags to death before getting a new pair!
    Kaz x

  7. This playsuit is too cute, the print is so pretty! It looks great on you!

  8. adorable playsuit, looks great on you xo
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. Lovely playsuit! And I'm like that too, I always seem to buy a bag and shoes that match everything and then I just wear them with everything!
    Cara x

  10. Gorgeous playsuit - I'm exactly the same with bags and shoes, even jackets/coats sometimes! xxx

  11. That playsuit is divine! I'm exactly the same when it comes to wearing the same pair of shoes and bag :)

  12. you look gorgeous, cute playsuit! xx

  13. This is the cutest playsuit! Waah come back sunshine :(

  14. Loving the print on this playsuit, its really suits you too.. you have a cracking figure.

    Jo. x

  15. Love these photos, aw you look so summery and beautiful! <3

    I wish I lived closer for a blogger meet up :( xx

    sweet monday
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