Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kristy Turned 24!

Who knew that turning 24 would be so much fun? I kinda like the age 24, not too young, not too old!
I was lucky enough to spend it with my beautiful sister, boyfriend and friends, all of which had a surprise lined up for me which I had no idea about in the slightest! As you can see from the many pictures to scroll through above (courtesy of my super talented sister), they surprised me with a River Cruise along our Suffolk Coast! We all live near to Aldeburgh, Orford, Thorpness, all the touristy places in Suffolk, so to actually travel down the coast in a different way was awesome!
The wind made it hilarious as you can see from the pictures above. Drinks spilled, tops lifted, coffee and cream taking flight, but that added to the experience. We were greeted with champagne and a Full American Breakfast on board the ship, party poppers, cards, balloons, and a "Happy 24th Birthday" flapjack. We were also greeted with a very low flying scary seagull, much to the boys amusement. Coffee, apple pie and cream and warm muffins were served on the way back to Orford, that was the best part!
Overall, I enjoyed my birthday very much, having gone to see Blink182 the week before at the O2 arena, shopping in Westfields and Cambridge (my boyfriend is the best) and spending time with the ones I love. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and sorry for this late post, better late than never!


  1. such good photos :D your birthday looked awesome! such a fun day! :) love that photo of your friend with her hair in the wind haha.

    24 isn't so bad is it :) although next year means 25....noooo! xx

  2. That sounds like such a fun day! Great photos.

  3. these pictures are adorable! x

  4. This looks like the BEST DAY kristy! i love the photo of you with your hair in the breeze.. it's amazing!x

  5. This looks like such a good way to celebrate! xx

  6. It looks like you had an lovely time, the photograph with the gusty hair is brilliant! x