Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekly Wishes #4 Denim

Denim Dickie Bow Necklace - Rock 'N Rose (Lavish Alice)
Denim Cupped Bandeau Dress - Topshop
Denim Daisy Print Bra - Topshop
Denim Shirt with Striped Back - missguided
Denim Shirt with Gold Stud Detail - missguided

Ahhh the wonders of denim! So flattering and can be dressed up or down in an instant. Here are my favourite wishes I have found this week.

1. Rock 'N Rose jewellery never fails to amaze me. It was a great surprise to find a denim item in their range which I could  feature on here. It is gorgeous. Bows are a never ending trend and being denim with the ability to wear it around your neck? Hats off to you Rock 'N Rose!

2. Coloured denim always impresses me and this dress is an exception. It could easily be classed as one of those "essential items" which could be worn in so many ways. The idea of wearing denim, in a pastel colour is always a good idea. You could even do the "double denim" and team this with a denim jacket! The possibilities are endless. I have seen the equivalent to this in Primark though and at £40, I think it is a little overppriced for being such a basic item.

3. This denim daisy print bra is so cute! It has the ability to be sexy but still a casual style of underwear, the pants are awesome aswell. I wish I was the kind of girl to get away with wearing this on a night out as the underwear outerwear kinda thing however being a country girl, I would get all sorts of looks around here.

4. I have been sitting here flicking through the missguided website tonight and man have they outdone themselves! I am impressed with pretty much every single new arrival they have. This shirt was one of my favourites. I believe everyone should have a classic denim shirt of some kind, however with this, they have simply combined the trend of monochrome stripes. The whole back panel and the cuffs are striped which is what makes this short outstanding.

5. Again, another gorgeous shirt from missguided. This one has gold studs on the collar and cuffs which makes this another on trend item. The only thing is, there are a lot of us taking part in DIY shirt designs so you could easily make your own, but missguided are there to give you a helping hand  if you get frustrated like me!


  1. I love the necklace and bra! cute!


  2. I need to get my hands on that daisy print bra!x

  3. Denim (and leather) is totally my go-to item! Couldn't live without my skinnies or Levis jacket...not to mention my cut offs!
    Love that dress, looks like it's a really flattering shape and gorgeous colour! :)

  4. I love all of these items! The little bow necklace is really cute :) x

  5. I love the dress and the bra top I really want them in my wardrobe! :) X