Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekly Wishes #3 Decorate Your Neckline

1. White Floral Collar: Topshop
2. Beaded Flower Collar: Topshop
3. Chiffon Bow Neck Tie: ASOS
4. Dotty Dolly's giveaway

Welcome to the third edition of weekly wishes! Man 3 weeks has passed by so quickly! It's kinda scary how close June is as im so busy that month!

1. This floral collar would have to be my favourite of the bunch. It's so ladylike, dainty and elegant. 3 things I never thought I would want to be but I absolutely adore this one. I found it on the Topshop website and for £16 its not so bad i guess, considering the amount Topshop charge for some necklaces! This collar could update any casual tee and add a feminine look within an instant.

2. Another Topshop number. I love the attention to detail Topshop have given with their range of collars. This is also a delicate look but would look awesome if it was made to look grngy with an all black outfit. It would stand out a treat! This collar is only 50p dearer than #1.

3. Who doesn't love a bow? A bow can instantly make any outfit look dressy and smart. However this is £8, half the price of the previous two but with all the DIY about lately, couldnt we easily make one of these with any old bit of fabric? Nevertheless, a  bow with a white blouse is always a winner.

4. A little different to the usual weekly wishes in the fact that I am helping to announce a giveaway that Dainty Dolly is holding over at her blog. She has hand made a polka dot and a floral collar each finished with a little bow. Head over to her blog to enter the giveaway. If you miss the giveaway, her collars are up for sale on her site soon!