Sunday, 13 May 2012

SMUGPUG meets Sweet Monday

Today, I was such a lucky girl. I finally got to meet my long lasting friend Kim! We have been online friends (i now how sad) for a good 6 years since the myspace days and haven't lost contact since. I was so excited to spend the day with her and see her pretty little face in real life!

You'll see that most of my photo's were taking with my Nikon and the last 3 are from my iphone (instagram @kwigg). Sorry about that, we were practically walking around everywhere and if we were not walking, we were either eating wagamama's or looking for things to buy in Forever 21! With the both of us being such big fans of Models Own aswell, we couldn't resist popping into the bottle shop in Westfield's at Shepherds Bush to make some purchases! I will blog about these very soon!

After having the whole of Wagamama's to ourselves and suffering with a full belly and sore feet, it was time to leave. I had such a lovely day and cannot wait for the next meet up in the countryside coast at mine!


  1. Yay :D such an amazing day! Loved meeting you and Mikey :) must do it again very soon! You took some really nice shots before we met you, I didn't :( and didn't get one of my outfit! Bad blogger! haha.

    So so soooo tired now :( not looking forward to work tomorrow! xxxxx

  2. Aw you both look adorable! :) Love your little ankle socks :)

  3. You guys both look beautiful! Hope it was an awesome day

  4. Oh I love this! Kim is such a babe, and I'm pretty sure I'm loving your blog more and more.
    So glad you had a good day xx

  5. Hello! we have the same name(ish) & I like your blog :)
    also hope you hate when people call you "kirsty" as much as I the shorts!
    Christy x