Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pointy Pastels

I apologise for the first picture! It was used on instagram last week and you can't really see the colours very well so I decided to take on one my nikon instead! Whilst i'm on that subject, does anyone have any recommendations on taking outfit photo's indoors? With this awful weather weve been having recently, it would be nice to not have to dash outside, take 2 shots and run back inside again with your outfit being completely ruined by these monsoon's!

Anyway, these nails were very easy to do! I simply coloured each nail with a different pastel (ish) colour then used my old eyeliner to draw the lines to create points. I then filled in the tips with black nail varnish. Not really one of my favourite designs I must admit, however I thought I would share with you all!


  1. love theseeeeee I have no idea with indoor outfit photos mine always come out rubbish- I just haven't taken anyyy ha x

  2. You could try standing in front of a plain wall, maybe near a window so you still get a bit of natural light? Or maybe summer will actually turn up and the photo woes will be over!

    Rhiannon @ Vintage Style Me

  3. Lovely nails, I'm planning on getting a nail art pen at the weekend can't wait to get experimenting :)


  4. It's so hard to take photo's indoors I find, the lighting is always terrible! Unless you use a flash?! Hmm. I've spent the morning dashing in and out doing about a million outfits. I'm stocked up ;) haha. I hate this weather!

    OMG only like 10 days till we meet :D wahhhh!

    Love these nails so much, I really want to try them xxx

  5. These are GORGEOUS! Definitely going to try this out.
    JS xx

  6. cute nails, love pastel colours

    kirsty -

  7. Love this design! Love the pastel colours and the contrast of black. x

  8. these are so cute! definitely going to have a go :) x

  9. love love love your blog <3