Saturday, 14 April 2012

Welcome to the 60's

Dress: Primark
Coat: Topshop
Socks: New Look
Bag: Topshop
Brogues: Primark

Finally I am blogging about something I have recently purchased so you guys can go and buy too if you want! Unfortunately though, I hate these photos and they did not turn out how I expected as we were in a hurry and a couple of shots later, I realised that the dress wasnt actually visible for you all to see properly. It is a mint 60's shift dress with a lace collar. It's a perfect fit and for a mere £13, I think its a perfect buy for the summer weather we are all patiently waiting for. I purchased this dress in the Westfield primark when we went to London last weekend and was practically the only girl running about so was obviously loving my time there.

I have only just recovered from suffering with Sciatica the past few days (I say recovered, today i'm feeling much better but taking it easy). It's ever so painful so haven't felt up for doing much at all! I do not wish this pain and discomfort on anybody. Thankfully, I had a lovely other half who cooked, cleaned and bought me a bottle of wine.


  1. LOVE the dress.
    Hope you get well soon, Kristy!

  2. I really loved this dress as well but it washes me out something terrible and I found it a little see through? Looks great against your hair though!

  3. The socks are lovely- need to get in NL for them. Love the colour of the dress too, so lovely xx

  4. Can't believe that dress is from Primark, looks so much more expensive. Love how you've styled it with the boots and cute socks. Really like this outfit. xx

  5. WOW this dress is amazing. Love the brogues and socks, love you style :)

    Josephine <3 xx

  6. the socks and brogues look is so cute. Hope you keep getting better, sounds horrible :( x

  7. Nice dress. Liking the colour of it <3

  8. I just discovered you and I love you, haha, so I followed, fun blog had a fab time reading through <3

  9. Oh sciatica is awful! Glad your getting better. I love that dress xo

  10. Love the colour of this dress, it's beautiful. I seriously need some lace ankle socks in my life! Damn why did we not keep ones from primary school :p not that they'd fit! haha

    Love the new image of you in your header btw :) xx

    sweet monday

  11. I have this dress too,love how you styled it! :) x