Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kids in the Street

Lace Collared Jumper: ASOS
Shorts: Interacionale
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Topshop

Another outfit post, my nail art has been non existent lately. Going against the black and blue rule on this post i'm afraid. I always seem to do this. Navy is a favourite of mine and so is black so I can't help but wear it together. These shorts are my new favourite item. After feeling low about my back last week, what else was I supposed to do but shop? It was doctors orders after all, well to "keep moving".  They were £18.99 which is a little pricey for the amount of material used (not alot) but man do I love the scallop trim. These are a size 8 and fit perfectly and are VERY comfy even if they do give me a nappy bum (boyfriends words).

The lace collared jumper is from asos and was a gift for Christmas. I love this jumper as it goes with anything and is very easy to dress up or down. The boots are urban outfitters (years old and featured in far too many outfit posts) and the bag is Topshop (also featured in far too many outfit posts).
I was very happy to receive so many "likes" on instagram for this picture and it made me excited to share this post with you all.

One last thing, having watched many "boyfriend tag" videos on youtube, I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in me and the other half doing one? I can assure you, he is far more enthusiastic about it than me! If you would like to, lease leave your questions you would like to ask in a comment below and depending on the response, we will decide whether to do one or not!

The name of this post is the name of The All American Rejects new album and new single. It is absolutely amazing and I have been waiting years for this. They are my all tiime favourites.


  1. Gorgeous outfit, simple yet stylish!
    Cara x

  2. Adorable little outfit! Gorgeous :-)

  3. You look amazing, love the jumper and the shorts together. My boyfriend always tells me off for wearing black and blue together but I always do it! x

  4. Black and blue is so more than OK, you look gorgeous- I'm off to youtube a boyfriend tag and get back to you aha- I'm sure I live in a box xx

  5. I love the shorts, the colour & style are so cute! xx

  6. This is such a cute outfit :) love the shorts
    Yeah do a boyfriend tag :) I think their sweet :)

    Josephine. xx

  7. I LOVE All american rejects<3 ahh!

    You look stunning once again, can your outfits get any better?! xxx

  8. love these shorts :) this is a lovely outfit :) x

  9. Those shorts are lovely!
    Yes you should do the boyfriend tag! :)x

  10. Love this outfit, especially the shorts!x

  11. Simple and cute :) I love black and navy together! x

  12. Love this outfit, this is so cute <3

  13. love this outfit :)
    just found your blog - love it, am following!