Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hand in Hand

A rather heavy photo post this afternoon guys! Sorry about that, it was just such a nice day that we couldn't resist going for walks along the East Coast! We visited a place called Orford which is literally 5 miles away if that! It's beautiful and peaceful here and looks like a movie set! I decided to get my Nikon out again to capture some of its beauty and above are the photo's I took! My favourites are the last 3 I think. How cute is the Pump Street Bakery and the Unicorns sign?

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  1. Well these are very beautiful photo's! What camera do you use? They look great! Will message you back on facebook nowwwww :) xxxx

    sweet monday
    sweet monday shop

    1. Just used my Nikon D60! Rubbish wih it though! Xxxxxxx

  2. These pictures are so beautiful, I love the look of Orford! That first house is so cute, and love the unicorns sign!