Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Goodies!

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I am absolutely loving this long weekend we all get to enjoy! Even though the weather hasn't been as great as it was a few weekends ago, it can only leave you with one thing to do, bake! I feel a little silly posting these easter cakes having seen Lyzi's Easter nests and Kim's Easter cupcakes but one can never have too much cake right? So here are mine and yes that is a whole Cadbury's Caramel Mini Egg on top of the 3 cakes in the middle. The boy was very pleased with these when he returned home from work yesterday and we have been munching on them all day today. I have had requests to save a couple for others but really not sure if my belly will allow me to!

I also wanted to share with you my Easter Nails for this weekend! I have seen lots of different easter nail designs on instagram (follow me @kwigg) and couldn't really decide what to go for but chose to do a little chick coming out of his shell as we all love Spring don't we! The only thing is, I wish I had outlined the shell with black before putting a top coat on as it would have stood out so much better that way. Has anyone else done any Easter Cakes or Easter Nails? If so, please leave your links in a comment below as I would love to see them.

Today we spent the day down Jimmy's Farm feeding the ducks, baby goats, lambs, pigs and alpaca's. Lets not forget what Easter Sunday is really about, I wore my cross with pride today.


  1. YUM! These look amazing and the nails are super cute. We are hope you are feeling sufficiently stuffed from the amount of cakes you've eaten...
    JS xx

  2. nom nom nommmm!! can never have too many posts about cupcakes trust me :) these look so tasty! Did your choc butter icing go ok?

    Also you are the queen of nail design, this is amazing! xxx

  3. So true about this weather being a cause to bake! And a whole mini caramel egg on top, my fav! Your nails are cute!xx

  4. Those easter cakes look so so delicious, feel hungry just looking <3