Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DIY Lace Denim Shirt

Hurray! Finally a DIY project I am actually pleased with! Thanks to the famous inspiration of Kim @ sweetmonday (not sure how many times more I'm gunna mention her in my posts), I decided to try and create a different look to one of my old shirts! This denim shirt needed a little "pick me up" and thanks to some 50p material (i'm sure it used to be a net curtain) from my local charity shop, a needle, thread and my comfy IKEA rug, I managed to create this look above.

I'm quite a big fan of lacey looking items and if I had seen this in a store, I probably would buy it! Speaking of stores, head over to Kim's online etsy store to grab some gorgeous one of a kind DIY items!

I am actually looking forward to wearing this shirt now seeing as i'm currently on a buying ban! Feel free to head over to my ebay to grab some bargains for 99p also!


  1. Love this look! Makes such a difference but so simple to do! x

  2. That's super pretty! I might have to give it a go :) Can't go wrong with denim xx

    Tor @ That's Peachy fashion blog xx

  3. That's sooo pretty!`I would DEFINITELY buy that if I saw it in a store <3 <3 <3
    Love Daisy

  4. this looks lovely, love revamping old clothes feels like you have a new wardrobe :) x

  5. Haha you can mention me as much as you'd like on your blog, I really don't mind ;) and thank you sooo much for the link to my shop, thats so sweet :)

    Love this DIY its absolutely perfect for the detailing that was already on the shirt, great idea! xxxxxx

  6. Such a great idea. If i see a cheap shirt soon I think I'll give this a go! xx

  7. I'm definitely trying this as soon as possible!x