Thursday, 5 April 2012

Country girl got to keep on keeping on

Leather Jacket: Topshop
Scarf: Charity Shop
Bag: Charity Shop
Boots: Charity Shop
Dress: New Look

As you would have seen from my previous post "Hand in Hand", these pictures were taken last weekend on our little countryside walks round Orford. I love living in the Country when we have hot days like this. The land here is very flat, but it means you can see for miles and miles when you go to places like Orford.

The grey skater dress that I'm wearing here is from New Look. It was one of those "i'm gunna get so much wear out of this" buys a few years ago and my thoughts were right. I have worn it loads, however every time I wear it, I immediately wanna get changed again as I just don't feel it sits right. I also have this in black and feel the exact same way. Love/hate replationship going on there. The scarf is however one of my favourite finds in a charity shop. It was only £2.50 and I love that it has a vintage however modern twist to it. Oh look, theres the green boots and the Marc Chantal bag again.....I'm so sorry!


  1. I think the dress look lovely and what a bargain that scarf was :)it's stunning :) How do you get your pictures bigger? when I upload in blogger it makes mine smaller then when I change the size again in the HTML it makes my pictures blurred.
    Jo. xx

  2. Lovely outfit :)
    The photos out side are gorgeous too xo

  3. Lush outfit post, and its looks nice and sunny too... wish it still was :) xx

  4. Lovely photos, I love that jacket too - it's fab :-)

  5. Lovely spring outfit! I'm really going to have to get me a leather jacket soon and the boots are gorgeous!
    Cara x

  6. Lovely outfit, those boots are a perfect touch of colour x

  7. Aww what beautiful photo's! And a beautiful outfit. Man I wish it was sunny like this again :(

    Hope you've had a lovely easter babe! xx

  8. you look gorgeous, love the dress and how you've styled it! :)
    That looks like a lovely place to go for long walks, your so lucky to live in the countryside! :) xo

  9. I love this outfit, your boots are gorgeous! Can't believe they're from a charity shop xx