Thursday, 1 March 2012

Worth a Follow!

From Top to Bottom
Bex @ iambexx
Melissa @ bonjourbeaut
Elizabeth @ alwaysfullydressed

I thought I would spend this evening reading over my favourite blogs and also enjoying a few episodes of lost with the boy. But somehow I don't feel I can close blogger without mentioning a few with our in my eyes, definitely worth a follow.

The first would be Bex from iambexx. This girl has an eye for photos and has an increasing photography talent. She captures some real moments from the Suffolk Countryside along with some amazing unique pieces. If you enjoy a lifestyle blog with great photos, then this ones a gooden. Not to forget the occassional beauty post which every girl loves right?

The second on the list is Melissa from bonjour beaut. This girl works in retail in one of our local towns (everyones heard of Aldeburgh right?) and has an eye for fashion and an insight to what beauty products are good to buy and whats not! If you like to read a good review and know whats hot right now give her a follow!

The third is Elizabeth from alwaysfullydressed. This little one has just started blogging but thats not to say she doesn't have a lot up her sleeve. She is currently in the process of creating many different DIY and fashion show projects! I am extremely excited to work along side her (if she will allow me to). I can't forget to mention that she is an ebay addict!

The fourth would be Kim from sweet monday. Now who doesn't know Kim eh? This little babe is a long term online friend of mine from the myspace days and we have kept in touch ever since. I funnily enough haven't met her yet, but hope to meet her in London at the end of this month. You are probably all familiar with her amazing DIY, nail art, ebay finds and not to mention the amount of gorgeous cakes she bakes! Kim is an all round talented blogger and trust me, you will not be dissapointed with the giveaways!

And last but not least, the fifth would be Kate at ghostparties. Now again, a very well known blogger and who can blame her with her individual style and her increasing knowledge of beauty products. I personally came more familiar with Kate recently as she is the girlfriend of my boyfriends friend....yes thats just about right. Kate's blog posts seem to attract many readers with her beautiful pictures and what she gets up to at all the beauty and fashion events!

Whch ones will you give a follow and which are your favourite? You will see that I haveupdates my blog a little myself. I decided that I absolutely hated my banner previously! There were far too many pictures of me and I wanted to gag everytime I saw it! Hopefully now, its toned down a little bit. Oh and the "g" in smugpug is ginger :)!


  1. Awwww you absolute babe :) this was so sweet to read! Love youuuuu lots! Fingers crossed for the end of the month :) you best have the 28th in your diary! I'll be in soho for a good 2 hours on my own so would be lovely to meet up :D xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. This is so sweeeeeet ! Thank you .

    I am gonna check out the other bloggers you've mentioned later today .



  3. LOVE allll those bloggers! <3

  4. Lovely post, love when bloggers share and support