Sunday, 4 March 2012

Topshop Lilac Floral Nails!

I decided to shar my most recent nail design although its kinda similar to my previous Cath Kidston attempt! The above picture is rather messy as it was before I managed to clean up the edges! As were all getting in the mood for Spring, I can't stop wearing ligter colours on my nails even though today is dull and dreary!

I decided to do the same floral design however with this one, the base colour is Topshop's Lilac! I also added a white "lace" (not sure if you can call it lace) tip on each of the other nails. I done this white Rimmels White Tip colour and used my smallest dotting tool to create the dots and lines! Finish with a top coat and voila!


  1. This looks really good :)
    I really like it.

    Laura xoxo

  2. I have to try this, in fact I might today :) aha x

  3. Gorgeous love it! they look fab! X

  4. I tried the floral design a while ago on my own nails, and lets just say yours looks A LOT better, haha! Very pretty!

  5. Love these, I really need to try flowers! x

  6. love these, they look amazing! xx