Saturday, 31 March 2012


"Motivation is the key to a great amount of Happiness"

That was one of my tweets last week. Funny that, because I have had a terrible week of nothing but bad news and because of that, I have lost all motivation to do anything, let alone blog and express my love for something. Luckily, I have great family, friends and boyfriend to help me get my motivation back on key.

Therefore, this weekend, I am starting to get my ginger brain working again and from that, I should be blogging more frequently throughout the week. Even the thought of doing my nails makes me a little stressed when I find thats the most therapeutic thing to do! So this is really an apology for my lack of posts and also an apology for my "self pity" which is a terrible thing to have. From today, you should see more of a smugger pug.

On another note, I was a guest blogger for laurenella earlier this week so you will find one post of mine here! It involves some buys from H&M and pastel colours which everyone is loving at the momment. I'd like to thank her for having me on her blog too :)


  1. Everyone feels like this from time to time! Don't worry lovely :) chin up! Hope you're feeling better now.

    If it ever helps, photograph posts and spend a whole afternoon or evening doing them all then post them throughout the week. That's what I've had to do recently. It feels a massive chore and a bit naughty but I've just been so busy and had so much to post about but no time to do it :( so that's what I've been doing. Then you can relax when you come home from work :) xxx

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    1. thanks babe! thats what i've been doing too but only managing about 2 blog posts to schedule! haha so soo sooooo lazy right now! xxxxx

  2. Keep your chin up! You don't have to apologise for not blogging, everyone has bad weeks. I hope that you have some super good news soon, its good you've got such a strong support network :) xxxx