Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Black Smoke

Base: Topshop Lilac
Smoke: China Glaze (cannot remember the name but its grey with a green tint...beautiful)

A different nail design for you today readers! This is a bit of a change from my last pretty girly floral nails eh? Having been an avid reader of Copy That Copy Cat 's blog, I couldnt resist trying out her smokey design! This girl is seriously talented, i really don't know how she gets her nails to look that good every single time. Take a look at her designs and give some a try for yourself!

This was quite an easy design to do. I apinted the base colour with Topshop's Lilac colour (rather familiar lately) and left to dry. I then aded another coat and whilst it was still wet (immediately after), I dabbed a large dollop or two of the china glaze varnish and dragged the colour together and down the nail with my finest dotting tool. Leave to dry for a very long time and voila!

Decided  to name this design "The Black Smoke" as we are still getting through many episodes of lost.

If any of you, like me and gh0stparties, have been playing Draw Something, then you may have seen that they chose my drawing of Obama as 1st place! Hilarious!


  1. Love these! I've done drippy but I'm going to have to try this effect now :) xxx

  2. Your nails look amazing. Will have to try this out <3

  3. these are soo good. you're so creative with your nail art :) x

  4. I just found your blog through 'sweet monday' and love your outfit posts :)

    I'm now following your blog x

    UK fashion blogger also

  5. Lovely nails! I just found your blog too, and am already a rather big fan - I absolutely love what you wear!

    Emily Wears Things

  6. How did I not spot the obama thing on here when I commented?! I actually LOL'd in real life when it came up on my phone :D I was like NATHAN KWIGG IS ON DRAW SOMETHING!!!! Hahahhaha. You are a celeb ;) x

    sweet monday
    sweet monday shop

  7. and yes we call you by your internet name ;) hahaha! x