Thursday, 16 February 2012

Topman Jewellery Haul!

All items above: Topman

Firstly I'd like to say a big apology for being so AWOL lately! As you read from my previous post, I have been unwell but managed to get my ears syringed (gross) today so now I can hear everything and I feel amazing. It's weird how not being able to hear makes you live in your own little world and I had been like that for over a week so today, I am super happy.

I spent last weekend with a great deal of Retail Therapy (a must do when you've been paid and feeling crap). On Sunday, me and the boy took a trip to Bury St Edmunds where I managed to get my hands on some right bargains. I felt strange stocking up my hands with Topman jewellery however when each piece was only £1, how could I resist! I would recommend taking a visit to your local store to take advantage of the amazing pieces they have on sale. The necklaces retailed at £15 each, the rings £8+ and the earings would have been £8 also! I ended up spending my time in Topman whilst the boy tried on girls jeans in Topshop haha! Yes the rings are a little large, but I really didn't think about it with them all being such a low price!

As I have been so absent from blogging lately, me and the lovely Elizabeth Alice are planning a shoot on Saturday so should have some outfit posts up soon with more of my recent bargains! Please take some time to check out her cute blog by following the link above.


  1. I really liked the feeling of getting my ears syringed, so satisfying! Haha. Is the wolf an earring? I really want one of those, tie string around the underside of the rings so thay fit that's what I do x

    1. yeah the wolf is an earring :) go visit Topman and grab one for a quid :) thanks for the ring tips! x