Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year Try Outs?

I have decided not to make any new years resolutions this year as I never stick to them and feel horrible at the fact that I havent stuck to them. Instead, I asked my loved ones about what I fail to do or what I can impove on. Turns out there were a lot of comments on my own personality and they way I deal with situations. Taking this into account, discussions were had and we concluded with the following:

Make this year more about me

Ive been told that i pretty much do anything just to make others happy when really, i am just dragging myself down more and not getting anything in return. This year i hope to learn more, do what makes me happy and make something if myself instead of focusing purely on others.

Stay committed and know its okay to say no.

I am always changing my mind or always the person to say sorry just for a happy ending. This year i will try to stay commited to the way i feel about something but avoid being selfish at the same time. I have become a bit of a walkover and that really gets to you after a while.

Embrace every moment and take chances.
Safe chances obviously. I really need to do something with my life that makes me feel better about myself. I have horrible insecure issues sometimes and have decided that if i do something that i love or start a new hobbie, or even become more successful with smugpug then I should start to feel better within myself. My main aim is to run and work out more (trying to stick to 8 minute abs is difficult). I was always a lot happier with myself if i commited to exercise. The release of endorphines is a great feeling! Plus, my sister is getting married this year and were gunna start running together as having a work out buddy is the best way to keep going!

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