Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Work Christmas Party - Trinity Park.

So last Friday was my work Christmas Party at Trinity Park in Ipswich. The theme for the night was "Arabian Nights" so the entertainment consisted of a carousel, belly dancers, henna tattoo's, flying carpets and a fancy dress photo booth. As you can see, the pictures above are the outcome to our photo booth and we all either look a complete mess or a complete drunk. The food was average and rather disappointing but the overall night was the best night of the year. 

Lots of drinks were had as there was free wine on all the tables and we all got drink tokens for the night! Being the lightweight I am, I didn't spend a penny as the table wine and my two drink tokens were plenty! We were lucky to attend the Christmas party at Trinity Park again as last year was just as good. The carousel is a perfect touch, even though we were all freezing riding the horses in our little dresses and ridiculously high heels. I decided to wear the topshop dress in my previous post with the DIY lace collar and received a few compliments so was very pleased with how it turned out. 

There's far too much to explain here as to what went on and blah de blah, lets just say it was an amazing way to celebrate a wonderful time of the year with some awesome people. To change the subject, our landlord and landlady just popped over to give me and Mikey a Christmas Hamper consisting of Maltesers, wine, bread sticks, chocolate blocks, coke, twiglets and best of all Schloer! I'm dying for a glass of this after beating Mikey in a proper wrestle just there. He even interupted me writing this post! I am now off for a whole week and cannot wait. Today has been full of good news and this yummy hamper has just nailed it. If any of you have celebrated Christmas with your work then send me links to your posts :)


  1. Haha this looks amazing!

    At my new job we won't be doing anything for Christmas as they're Jehovah Witnesses :( xx

    sweet monday

  2. Awww maaan rlly? That sucks! Saw you have a night with the girls tonight though so have an awesome time! X