Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Marc Jacobs Magic

001. Above is one of my proudest possessions. Mikey brought it for me for Christmas last year and to be perfectly honest, I've used it about once. Probably because I am petrified of ruining it as I am that clumsy. Obviously I was over the moon to be given a hand bag, let alone a designer one, let alone something from Marc Jacobs collections! I adore the colour, the style, the interior and the general urge to look at it every now and then.

002. I had to apologise the other day for my disappointing lack of using this bag. Almost a year later and here I am blogging about it. I will use it this weekend - I will. 

003. Had such a stressful day today - it feels as if sometimes no matter how hard you work (and I work damn hard!) you do not get very far. Felt as if all I was doing was going round and round in circles, and not on my office chair! Oh man better go, Brendan from Hollyoaks is about to rip some little scottish lad's head off. 


  1. Love it! Its a beautiful bag, and I love the lining!!. Such a lucky lady :) I get the same when I have something nice, I fear for ruining it. I remember when I got a Tommy Hilfiger bag from NY, went to Cambridge when I came back and got gum all over it from a pub garden table. Gutted!! So now it rarely sees daylight. Haha.

    And yessss, for the Hollyoaks reference. <3

  2. that is gorgeous. I need it!!! :D Xx