Saturday, 17 December 2011

Instagram Week #2

001. Firstly I would like to apologise for my serious lack of posts lately, i've been a busy little bee with work and christmas parties and presents to sort out! My festive feeling seems to come and go and at the moment I feel like its the middle of summer for some reason. So as I'm sitting here with a cheese and pickle toastie and gasping for a cuppa tea, I thought I would share my week with you through the eyes or lens of my instagram. For those of you who have instagram please give me a follow @kwigg. 

002. Had my work Christmas party last night and it was absolutely amazing. Surprisingly, I'm feeling pretty good which is surprising with the amount of free alcohol consumed. I am bound to post some pictures when they all get uploaded to facebook (oh the shame)! It was lovely to just have fun with everyone and not feel the everyday stresses of work. 

003. For now I am going to love you and leave you as I may go for a little nap before preparing lasagne and home made potato wedges for tea tonight. I'm also off to see my lovely step mum who turns a year older today. Plus my niece and nephew will be there who are just adorable.

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