Sunday, 18 December 2011

DIY Lace Collar

Lace Collar Necklace - ebay
Dress - Topshop

001. I've had this dress from Topshop for a while now and after seeing it in the Norwich store, I couldn't resist it and i'm still in love with it. As I had my Christmas party last night, I decided to add a little extra detail to it (probably because i'm skint and i've worn this dress before and needed it to look different). I brought a lace collar necklace off ebay for £12 - a little pricey but it literally goes with anything and can add an instant change to any outfit. I was going to purely wear it as a necklace however it moves about quite a bit so I attached it to my dress with safety pins! Classy!

002. Another piece of DIY was achieved - although i'm not sure if i can call it an achievement. As I already had white and a deep red colour involved, I went completely overboard and done a snowflake design on deep red nails. Then I found it too fiddly, made a complete mess of it and ended up dotting what you could call snow all over the other nails. They're already starting to chip so another design or maybe just a colour needs to be done today.

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  1. The collar is such a nice touch, really makes the dress look gorgeous. Hope you had a good night!xxx