Monday, 26 December 2011

Did you have yourself a Merry Little Christmas?

I sure did! It was a wonderful day full of drinking (not too much on my part as I was "Dezzy"), stuffing ourselves with Turkey and my step mums fantastic macarroni salad, games, singstar, rude jokes (suprisingly made up by me) and lots of smiles all round. I really mustve been a good girl this year as I was terribly spoilt (not complaining). Managed to bag myself a new laptop from my lovey boyfriend, a printer so that I an print off every single one of my blog posts and kee in in a book to look back on (his idea not mine), a collared blouse which is one of my favs, a collared jumper, 2 fur stoles from H&M and some wine bow print tights! He really done so well, im so chuffed!

Also received lots and lots of professional nail art stuff so hoping to get a mini home business started with that (after lots of practise) so watch this space! My sister brought me some amazing jewellery from Topshop, a long awaited yellow bobble hat from Topshop too and lots and lots of nail stuff. Also got some money from my dad and hpefully going shopping in Cambridge tomorrow to buy some more stuff and celebrate Mikey's birthday!
Kinda feel weird boasting about all that I got when there are some people that got nothing :( I just hope everyone managed to have a good day and enjoy another day.
I am loving reading what everyone got for Christmas so please leave a comment with links to your blog posts as im dying to see them! Today weve been slumping infront of the tv whilst Mikey plays on his ps3 and whilst I make my laptop look like the best thing ever. Just got back from my dads again and my food baby looks 9 months old now. Below are some photo's from the day - enjoy!

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  1. just stumbled upon your lovely blog and thought i leave a "hello". love your kitties eyes <3 and lovely gifts you got in your recent post. x tara