Sunday, 27 November 2011

Till the day breaks

001. Today would have been my mums 52nd birthday. She was one of a kind, always smiling, laughing, looking on the bright side of life and dedicating her life to her family. I wanna be just like her, I miss her, I wish I could give her a cuddle today or wake up to say Happy Birthday. As you will see from the above photo, she always had a smile on her face, she hated the camera and here's me who loves it. While she would shy away from the lens, I would shy away from the world behind her maxi skirts with that toy parrot up my nose for comfort. She was my hero, still is my hero.

002. Today I'm dedicating this post to her and the way she has influenced my life. I think back to days that she would do anything for me, for my dad, my sister. I don't ever remember seeing her sad, if i saw her cry, it was because she was laughing so much. Even though we remember days like today, I remember her everyday.

003. To brighten this post up a little, I decided to post pictures of me when I was a bubby so you can all have a little giggle. Just one thing, don't ever take someone for granted as they can disappear the next day. If you're reading this, go and give your mums a cuddle, a kiss, a thank you, a txt. Let her know you appreciate her and cherish everything she does for you. Hope you've all had a good day, the boyfriend has just cooked me my favourite dinner and it smells amazing!

Funnily enough, i hate rides now...

I still refuse to do washing...

Me (right) and my fellow ginger sister.


  1. That's a really touching post . Well done you .

    Enjoy your dinner dear : ]

    x .

  2. That is so sweet, I think it's lovely how you want to be just like your mum. Hope you are okay x

  3. This post is lovely! I lost my mum almost 8 years ago, and like your mum, she is never far from my mind. I'm sure your mum would be very proud of you xx

  4. aww thanks girls! Soph - I'm sorry to hear that, but i'm sure you're mum would be very proud of you too! :) xx