Monday, 28 November 2011

Pugs Bunny

001. Hello, hello again, this time i'm going a little mad. I don't know if its the snuffles i'm suffering with, or the weird emotional weekend or what but I've just created this. A bunny design to go with my Rabito iphone case. If you don't already have one, they're from ebay at a bargain of 69p from China if you're lucky! They come in black, white or pink (i ordered white but the pink arrived (bleurgh)! The bunny ears are to hold your ear phones and on the back you will find a fluffy bunny tail which uses suction to stick onto your phone. This helps the Rabito to stand and it can be used to clean your screen.

002. The bunny nail design is messy, but I had sipped a few sips of my wine before attempting it! Please excuse the smeary screen too, those were from my messy lasagne fingers! Obviously, I couldn't resist having a bunny face as my wallpaper either!


  1. aw so cute! do the bunny ears on ur phone not annoy you though! I love ur design the colours go so well together!

  2. I love your nail design!!! :) The bunny ear case is so adorable!! Xx

  3. Firstly these phone covers are amazing, I really want one! And secondly your nails are even more amazing!!

    sweet monday

  4. That's so cute, that's crap of the seller are they not going to send you a white one?x

  5. LOVE your nail colour! I saw another blogger post a pic with this colour a month or so ago, I literally got in my car and went to the shops to get more nail polish! Nerdy!

    I saw a girl on the train last week with one of these cases! They are crazy.

  6. beautiful blog! you have a new follower (:
    maybe you like my blog too...