Friday, 4 November 2011

Pop Yo' Collar

Jumper: F&F at Tesco
Shirt (underneath): Urban Outfitters
Skirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Earings: H&M
Nails: Opi Nude, China Glaze Matte Finish, Models Own Black Nail Art Pen 

001. Again, another outfit post which isn't too interesting. I'm just trying to put off cleaning the flat on my last day off today. Plus, Gossip Girl "isn't available" for me to watch on itv player so i'm gutted cause I missed it this week. Yesterday consisted of me visiting friends and sleeping. Not a lot else tbh. But today there have been a number of events around the local area. Not good events unfortunately, I witnessed 4 car accidents all in one journey. Just hoping everyone's okay!

002. Yesterday, my gorgeous friend Emma helped me with the spots on my nails as tbh I really couldn't be bothered! I did however do the base and the matte finish coat - obviously cant accept all the credit for these ones.

003. The jumper i'm wearing is something I got from Tesco's yesterday. I really wanted a simple black jumper this winter so that my collared shirts could peep out of the top as I have far too many collars that I don't want to hide during this chilly season! And black, well who can go wrong with black? The scalloped collared shirt underneath is one of my favourites but its sleeveless and its a shame I can't have it on show more often in this weather :( Now off for a wee walk as the sun is shining. 


  1. Love the nails your mate helped you with, and the jumper from tesco x

  2. Firstly, you have the cutest header in the world. I absolutely love it. And secondly, I love this outfit! Youve got a lovely sense of style and you are really pretty :) love your hair! Hope the car crashes weren't too awful. The nails are fantastic too! xxx