Thursday, 3 November 2011

Like a Leaf On a Breeze, You Blew Me Away

 Coat: New Look
Body con Dress: Miss Guided
Kimano: Internacionale
Knee High Socks: New Look
Tights: New Look
Gloves: Boyfriends own
Boots: Urban Outfitters

001. I'm blogging a lot this week (well a little more than often) as i'm enjoying a lovely whole week off work! We have been so busy lately so I really feel as if I have deserved this break! The other day we decided to wrap up warm and go for walks in our local forests to feel the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet! It was beautiful in there and having charged my nikon battery (finally!!!) I decided to take a few snaps! 

002. I'm finding it hard falling into the routine of wearing my skinny jeans again as i'm so used to wearing tights  all.of.the.time. and still couldn't resist so kept my legs warm with my knee high socks instead haha! Don't have too much to say and i'm rushing off as the new Big Bang is about to start. How have you all been enjoying autumn so far? 


  1. Just came across your cute little blog today! I love the name!

    The first pic you posted is beautiful! I like your autumn get up!


  2. I love the socks, I don't want to wear jeans and can't get into it either haha, lucky to have a week off work x

  3. aww thanks girls! I love both of yours too. i find jeans uncomfortable haha! xx