Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ipswich Vintage Market Sunday 20th Nov

001. Morning all! Today i'm not feeling so great, feeling a little blah within myself, think i'm coming down with a cold! Anyway, who couldn't cheer themselves up by looking at the gorgeous collections above? Last Sunday, I went to Ipswich Vintage Market which my boyfriend made me aware of whilst he was getting his hair cut. Ipswich is normally a dive, but walking through this market cheered me right up! I found some gorgeous buys from iPhone cases to toy bunnies! When visiting the stalls, I couldn't take my eyes off the gorgeous hand made items made by fellow bloggers! It was a pleasure to meet Jess from cuppateaandcake who was so polite and we had a little chat about blogging and all the cute items she had on her stall. Go give her a look!

002. The other gorgeous stalls were from brands such as HOOT who sell some gorgeous clay work that will make perfect gifts this christmas! The other brand I adored was Eclectic Eccentricity who design and sell some gorgeous jewellery or should I say Jewellery with stories to tell! Go check them all out! My favourite items were the "atishoo" puches of tissues, could not get enough!

003. I'm sorry again for my lack of blooging as of late, blogging on a weekend kinda lives up to the smugpugsunday name! Gunna wait for my friend Jenni and her boy to come over so I can paint her nails as shes off out for her birthday party tonight - one I couldn't make unfortunately. She's bringing me cake from the bakery to cheer me up :) Have a good day all!

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