Saturday, 5 November 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Right girls, I have a number of parties coming up and need to decide on outfits to wear! I'm trying to be good and save money by wearing some old pieces but I just can't help myself. The4 dresses above are what i've found so far having looked on Miss Selfridge, Yayer, Dixi, Miss Guided and Asos website. Are there any other websites people could recommend for some "different" dresses or playsuits? Just send me some links :)

I absolutely adore the cut out dress with wine skater skirt from Miss Selfridge. My attention is drawing closer and closer to that one. What do you guys think? Seeing as i'm online shopping, I thought I would ask others online for their opinions...HELP!

Oh and I couldn't end this post without mentioning that I brought these wedges from Ebay for only £11.99! I think theyre so versatile and the wedge looks huge but theres not a lot of hide or pain to be gained from wearing them (hopefully)! Hopefully they'll be here by next Saturday for my boyfriends work party!


  1. Urgh I love the one with the cut out detailing and wine coloured skater skirt. So gorgeous, if you get that you must put up a picture asap! xxx

  2. I love the one with the cut out waist! Get that one :) all the sites you names are the ones I use all the time, can't think of any more, mind blank! x

  3. haha i know! i'm so tempted to get that one but need to tone up first!! thanks girls x

  4. I love the cut out waist one, or the first one.x