Thursday, 6 October 2011


001. Hi all! terribly sorry for being so crap with blogging, i know i'm making excuses on every single post but work is manic and by the time i get home all i wanna do is snuggle with him. How amazing has "Hotober" been eh? It got to 30C here in trusty sunny Suffolk and it was awesome. Me and the boy decided to enjoy the weather.

002. I decided to wear this asos dress as i've had it over 2 years now. I got it for my brothers friends wedding and it suited me well for the hot day ahead. I'm not a very pink girl, so had to toughen it up a little with my trusty leopard print scarf and my black moccasins.

003. In the top photo and below you will see my nail design for this week! Again, i went far too girly for my usual self but decided on bows and im pretty pleased to say theyve lasted me all week and I've had many positive comments!

004. This "hotober" some of us experienced is now over so i hope you all enjoyed it and please share your adventures if you did. Time to wrap up warm now and snuggle even more. Nunight xoxo


  1. Your nails look amazing! OMG I need to practice doing these. They look so fiddly, always puts me off haha.

    Also you look absolutely gorgeous :) love that dress xxx

  2. It was rather fiddly but i had one afternoon of doing nothing so took advantage!! Xxx

  3. hi loving your nails!

    I have nominated you for an award on my blog, check it out