Saturday, 15 October 2011


Brrr it's freezing today! But the sun is shining and i'm off out for drinks with Emily. Currently though, its time for a jam doughnut, cappuccino and The Big Bang Theory - which is the funniest episode i've ever seen and I can't stop crying -  thanks T4! 

Anyway, because its so chilly, I decided to add my fur collar to my outfit today to change things up a bit and keep warm! There are a lot of fur collars in stores lately but this is detached from my winter coat from last year. That's why I love that damn coat so much! Can any of you notice that i've ombre'd my hair? I could see the difference when I first did it last weekend but no-one seems to notice apart from my boyfriend and my sister! Hoping to go lighter again though to have some change. Wearing my car boot satchel today aswell, i'm still in love with the gorgeous leather smelling thing and just a black bodycon dress and woolly tights!

The nail design for this week was another leopard print one, only because so many people have been asking me to do theirs for them so wanted to give them a preview of the result! There will be a new design up tomorrow hopefully although i'm off to visit my nan as it was her 90th birthday yesterday and I wanna give her a huge cuddle.

Oh and I just wanted to show you the ring my boyfriend got me from Topshop earlier this month...

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