Saturday, 24 September 2011

Jen Tee - Wallpaper Rose

001. Morning everyone and what a beautiful morning it is today! I love this time of year really, everyone gets all snuggly and excited about the new a/w styles. For me, I was just excited to receive my Wallpaper Rose Jen tee! I really couldn't decide on what colour to buy but as the new plum, camel etc shades were all sold out, i went for the trustworthy grey colour as it'll go with a lot of my clothes.

001. I feel very lucky to live where I do sometimes, its a typical farming county here and normally stinks of shite but travelling a few tiny miles, it's like were in the most beautiful place. The sun was shining by the river and it was bright and early in the morning at 9am :)

003. Today I decided to team my jen tee with my h&m skirt which i've had since last summer now. I kinda look like a granny when I wear it with my car boot buy of a bag! oh and the belt is H&M too, sunglasses are Topshop and the moccasins are from New Look from about 2 years ago. The only thing I hate about it getting colder are the dark nights (used to love going for walks around here in the evenings) and how pale i am. Ergh, bring ginger really does have its flaws!

004. Oh and I can't post this without putting a picture up of my photographer!

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