Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bonjour Beauty Box

001. So me and the boy took a trip to Cambridge and i got myself this beautiful wooden box. It has unique vintage design giving the impression it should be like a old suitcase or something but its put together perfectly. I needed something like this to go in our flat for all my favourite bits and odd sods.

002. I absolutely adore the secure lock on the front of the case and the design inside. Every time I open it up not only do I see the goodies inside I kinda ooze at the design once more. The outside has a French theme including pictures of Paris, love letters, stamps and postcards. It has leather straps and I kinda wanna carry it about with me every where. Well I kinda did when I purchased it (denied a bag) and walked around Cambridge swinging it about.

003. Another plus about this beauty is that it was a complete bargain at only £8! I'm gunna get so much use out of it so i'm dead pleased. Anyone else pick up any sweet bargains lately?

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