Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shirt: Topshop
Shorts: Vintage Levi from Topshop
Ring: H&M
Bracelets: H&M
Earings: H&M
Nails: All purchased from Just Essentials

001. So this is my very first outfit post and a pretty lame one at that. Each item is something I have brought recently, although my shirt is the oldest buy which was what I got for my birthday in June. I love this shirt, in fact I think I wear this more than a lot of items. It was from Topshop and I think it was £34? The colour has been perfect for summer evenings (been to my best friends birthday bbq tonight)  and I think its perfect for Autumn too. It's so light as its sheer but has a structured look to the shoulders which I adore.

002. Yesterday, as the weather was crap, I went into town and purchased some new jewellery. Pay day is far away but I was desperate on buying some turquoise earrings and scored at H&M as I got the ones pictured above and 5 other pairs all for £3.99. They're all different styles so perfect for work, play and nights out. I adore the ring, it was also another bargain from H&M at the price of £1.99! The wrist bands I'm wearing were £1.99 also with another white one included. I've always been a fan of wrist bands but these add that little extra edge to an outfit.

003. Sorry for not getting a better picture of the shorts, however you're bound to seem them another time as I wear them ALOT! They were from the Glasgow Topshop store on Buchanan Street at a cost of only £35! Which may seem a lot but for a pair of vintage Levi shorts, I think that's a pretty good bargain.

004. Hope you've all had a good weekend, back to work tomorrow which is insanely busy at the moment $%^&*(%$!!!!

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