Thursday, 4 August 2011

Say Hello To Shellac

01. Hello! Hope you all had a good Thursday, mine was damp, skint and majorly busy but hey ho. 
02. Have any of you hear about Shellac? Well if no, say hello to Shellac! This is by far my product of the month. Two weeks ago, me and my boyfriend went back to his home town Glasgow to visit his family and friends. His brothers girlfriend is a nail technician and she gave me Shellac nails for a cheeky tenner, what a babe! Anyway, it has now been two weeks and a day and my nails still look awesome. Living in your own flat means your nails are always busy and becoming chipped so its time to re-apply nail varnish every 3-4 days. However, below you will see how long lasting Shellac is!

03. Shellac Nail Varnish claims it lasts for 14 days however I have managed to keep it on for 15 now and the only wear you can see is the re-growth of my nails. Kinda weird looking I know but my nails have never been stronger! It's seriously a must have, or a must do should I say as you cannot buy Shellac Nail Varnish, it can only be done my a nail technician in a salon.
04. Has anyone else tried this yet? I'm addicted.

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  1. hey kristy love your wee post il need to do them for you again next time your up try out a new colour: mark has been naging me to set up my own blog seen as im a shopaholic and to talk about my new nail products and things nothing amazing yet but hopefully be as good as your one day. cu soon xxx