Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

001. Afternoon all! So its the bank holiday weekend and i have had a very relaxing but a very good one! I'm gunna post about the things I've brought today but just wanted to keep you all updated and i'd love to hear how you've all spent your long weekend! Today I got up early and went to a car boot where my dad and my step mum were selling however I found a gorgeous bag and my boyfriend purchased two blink 182 dvds. I absolutely love car boot sales and get so stupidly excited about it all!

002. I've had one of my best friends over this afternoon with her beautiful baby boy Lucas and weve had lots of cuddles and generally a good giggle (yes he was giggling too)! work tomorrow...ergh!And i'm doing a week of 8am - 6pm :( hope you've all had a good rest or a good party! 

003. Finally, i'd love to have some more followers on here, not that i'm all about how many followers I have but i'd love someone to read my blog and enjoy what i'm actually going on about hah! Any lovlies out there wanna recommend me?

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