Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Buys!

Shirt: Primark
Shorts: Topshop
Bag: Car Boot Sale
Jewellery: Primark, H&MTopshop

001. Done a little shopping today because that's what bank holidays are for! I got up real early this morning and went to my local Car Boot Sale which was jam packed but not full of the good stuff like normal. Managed to get my hands on this gorgeous leather satchel though! Been looking for a decent one for a while now and I must say I am rather impressed with this one. It was only £3 too, so I was even more chuffed! The lady smiled, handed it over and said "it's real leather love". Perfect! Did anyone else get any sweet bargains that they're feeling smug about?

002. I then took a trip into town and got myself this shirt from Primark. I was dead impressed with Primark as well today as I tend not to make too many visits there because I seem to lose my hopes of finding anything good. However, today was different. I managed to grab my hands on this plain white shirt which I have also wanted for ages. Its good to dress up, dress down and wear on its own as its oversized and looks great with jeans or tights also. I also brought a grey tee, burgundy cardigan, black waist belt and tooth earrings shown below. 

oh and who could forget the blink dvd's too :) Happy Bank Holiday everyone!

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