Sunday, 28 August 2011

Album of the Month

001. My album of the month has got to be Twin Atlantic's new release "Free". Having heard about them from my boyfriend who originates from Glasgow, he has become good pals with mainly the drummer and expressed how good they are. Obviously always being a believer to my boyfriends "music recommendations" I must say I am very impressed. It hasn't stopped playing in my car since I brought the album 2 weeks ago.

002. From the very first song "Edit Me" you become hooked and want to listen on. You then find yourself singing along to each one and practically drooling over the Scottish accent. "Crash Land" provides you with a chance to either relax, or turn it up loud and sing along. "The Ghost of Eddie" with its onslaught of powerful rock that shows the bands aggressive capabilities but also a killer to listen to over and over again.

003. The final track "We Want Better, Man" sees the band combining their rock style with a softer, atmospheric side, bringing a satisfying conclusion to a record that lives up to its expectations.

Well done boys!!
Go buy your copy!!

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  1. I've just recently heard them on the radio and can't stop listening to 'Free'!! I'm loving them!! Also loving your blog, I should be doing my dissertation, but love looking at your outfit posts!! :) xx